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CFC Youth Game

CFC Youth Game

The Youth Game features the top 50 Canadian football players who are on track to qualify as a ’National’ in the Canadian Football League (CFL). The 2020 games age group will include players born in 2007 and 2008. The purpose of this game is to give younger players exposure to a game and tryout process and to identify potential participants in the 2023/2024 CFC Prospect Game on TSN.

The athletes are selected by a selection committee. The athletes are invited to selection camps in their geographic area and the selection committee then evaluates the athletic measurable and game, selection camp video.

The CFC Youth Game will take place on May 27th at TD Place Stadium prior to the CFC Prospect Game on TSN. VISION

To be the best high school football recruiting media and events company focusing on player advocacy. was established in 2010, and quickly became the top recruiting resource for high school football players and scouts.

In 2013, to increase the quantity and quality of its media coverage, CFC introduced the CFCINSIDER, a subscription membership. Later that same year CFC launched it’s first event, the Ontario Prospect Challenge, which is now a national event called the FOX40 PROSPECT CHALLENGE (FPC). After taking a year off due to the pandemic, we will return this year with the FPC West Coast Challenge in Richmond B.C. from march 11th-13th.

The CFC100 Prospect Rankings were first produced in 2014. Since prospects became age eligible for the CFL Draft, over 100 ranked prospects have been selected in the pros, not to mention dozens of free agents who signed later on.

The newest and biggest event is the ‘ Prospect Game’ which was broadcast on The Sports Network (TSN) in June of 2019. This exciting event featured players born in 2002 or later and on track to qualify as a “National” in the CFL.

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